Videos have been taking over the digital world for the last few years. We know that close to 2/3 of people prefer watching videos over reading text. Videos are more memorable, leave a lasting impression and keeps consumers engaged in a brand longer. It may even be the most effective and scalable business marketing tool for brand awareness.

But to have your brand stand out and gain more attention in a digital world that is full of competitors, businesses have turned to interactive videos to give them that edge.

An interactive video is a form of content marketing that gets viewers to not only watch, but engage in the video. From clicking to swiping, interactive videos are even more memorable compared to non-interactive videos because we tend to remember things that require us to actually do something, even if it is just a simple click.

With interactive videos, businesses even get the change to measure results and this helps with figuring out how to reach your digital marketing plan goals. It really comes down to imagination and being creative. There are endless possibilities when comes to using interactive video as a business marketing tool.

You may have noticed interactive videos becoming more popular among top brands. YouTube has been using interactive videos for quite some time by them offering the viewer to just click a button to watch suggested videos. They make it easy and effortless. This just proves that annotations lead even more viewers to more content. Move over SEO!

There are things you need to consider when it comes to making a successful interactive video. Just like with any business marketing tool, pay attention to your audience. You want to make sure you are targeting the right audience for your brand. Also consider content. Just because it is an interactive video, doesn’t mean you can just use any content. Still always use the best content possible.

One of the best things about interactive video is that YOU get to choose how consumers interact with your videos. This is why being creative with your interactive video content is important. But don’t get too carried away, you want to make sure that the interaction is easy and not difficult!

Using interactive videos as a business marketing tool can be expensive, especially when starting out. It may be best to use a professional service to help you get started since it can be time consuming as well.

But the benefits of interactive videos are endless. Your business can get your message through more accurately using video. Interactive videos also give you the ability to use a strong and custom interactive CTA and you can use interactive features that focus on a desirable campaign. With interactive videos as a business marketing tool, you will be able to leave a lasting impression and enhance your brand awareness effectively.

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