Lead capture forms are one of the most effective online tools for generating leads. We have mentioned lead capture forms in previous blogs about digital marketing tools, but there is a lot to know when it comes to designing and formatting these forms.

Your goal is to have people who visit your website to complete the lead capture form. There are many elements that come into play when designing the perfect form and surprisingly, these elements are critical when it comes to successfully generating leads.

First, it is important that your lead capture form looks credible and is user friendly, just like your website should be. The position of your form is very important because you want it to be the first thing visitors see and you don’t want them to have to scroll down to see it. When it is visible right away, visitors will draw their attention to it.

Perhaps one of the most crucial elements of your lead capture form is the length. It all depends on if you are looking for quantity or quality when it comes to leads. A short lead capture form will generate more leads than if you have a form that asks a lot of questions. That doesn’t mean that all of the leads will be good leads though. If you are looking for more quality leads, then you want to use a longer form. You will not generate as many leads, but the leads that you do get will more likely turn into customers. Most small companies start out using short forms just so they can establish a connection with more leads. You can always expand your form in the future.

You will also need to figure out exactly what fields you want to include in your form. This could differ depending on the goals of your company. If you want to just start with the basics, you will only need to get a name and email address. This will be an easy way for you to gather leads and start a connection. If you are looking for more information, like the likelihood of the lead becoming a customer, you can ask for more in-depth information. For example, you could ask for the person’s company name, company website, company size, etc. A great field to add to any type of lead capture form is the optional field. This way if people want to give more information they can, but they aren’t pressured into filling out a long form.

Of course there is always some doubt when it comes to giving out secure information online. You want to make sure your visitors trust you and you can do this by making sure your website and lead capture form look credible. Also, always include a link to your privacy policy somewhere easily accessible on the form. Make sure your logo and even a customer testimonial are visible on your site as well.

When you design and format the right lead capture form for your business, you will be able to generate a number of leads. You can always expand on your form later on when you want to see which leads would most likely turn into customers. Just remember to never ask irrelevant questions, ask for simple information that will help you contact those leads!

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