Logos can say a lot, even without using any text. An influential logo is crucial to the success of your business. There are a number of logo trends in 2017 you want to keep an eye out for, plus they will help with developing the right logo for your business.

Consumers like logos that resonate with them and leave them with a pleasant memory. It can be difficult finding the right logo for your business, but one trend that never fails is simplicity. A simple logo actually goes a long way when it comes to branding your business.

There are a handful of ways to obtain the logo look you want. A highly successful logo is usually tidy and is often a flat design. A minimalist logo without fancy textures can be very affective if done right.

  • Handmade Logos – Simple logos don’t have to be boring. You can add some creativity to your design by using handmade logos. This look is good to use when using classic children’s images or wanting to obtain a vintage theme.
  • Gradients – Small details in a logo can play a big role in finding the right logo for your business. Don’t be afraid to try including vibrant colors or muted shades. This can add volume while still being simple. For something a little more transparent, logos in black and white are a trend that is surprisingly doing well.
  • Minimalism – You usually can’t go wrong with a logo with clean forms, minimal colors and a smart focus. Many brands are known for their very simple logos. Even some brands, like Instagram and AT&T updated their logo by removing additional elements to make their logos even more tidy and clean.
  • Text logos & letter stacking – Adding text to a logo can add style. Test out different fonts and increase/decrease the thickness and size of the lettering until you find the look that fits with your business. Some businesses have long names and that can be a challenge when designing the right logo. A concise way to include long text in a logo is letter stacking. This can be done by using two rows of text. This helps the logo include long text while sticking to the loyal and standard size and shape of logos. When it comes to lettering, it is best to go with a classic, yet original font.Facebook is an excellent example of using affective lettering in a logo.
  • Geometric shapes – Single geometric patterns are a fun way to add style to your logo. The right logo for your business will be unique and using patterns can add a personal touch to your logo.
  • Framed text – If you want customers to focus more on your company name or message, then this trend is the way to go. If designed right, it can look really good and is a powerful way to draw attention to the text.

Achieving the right logo for your business can be stressful, but these logo trends can help when it comes to designing a simple, yet unique logo to represent your company.

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