When it comes to attracting consumers, visual marketing is one of the best tools to use. The brain is known to process visuals faster and it is said that 90 percent of information that is transmitted to the brain is visual. Businesses of all sizes will see benefits when they start using visual marketing.

What is visual marketing?

Visual marketing is a marketing strategy that includes photos, videos and infographics within content. Your website needs to not only include text about your business, but also photos and videos to draw your consumer in. Most people say they base a business’s credibility off of the look of their website. So you want to make sure your website is the best representation of your business.

Since images can be used in a variety of places, visual marketing is easy to manage. From blogs to Facebook posts and Tweets, you always want to include at least one image within your content. Posts with photos or videos attract more attention and is 40 times more likely to be shared. Since people retain about 80 percent of what they see, visual marketing also draws 94 percent more total views on posts.

Images are a way to connect with your consumers and help your business stand out. Pinterest is a very visual social media platform and draws in more referral traffic than LinkedIn, Google Plus and YouTube combined. It is smart to include Pinterest and other social media platforms into your visual marketing plan.

Other than images, people love videos. Videos are a great way to start conversations and interactions with your consumers. Videos that your business post are 50 times more likely to rank high on Google searches.

Infographics are also a helpful visual when it comes to attracting consumers, as they can increase your traffic by 12 percent. When you start to incorporate images, videos and infographics into your content, you will see a boost in number of clicks, which will impact your website traffic. The more website traffic means more leads, which in return will lead to more customers.

Keep in mind that you can’t replace quantity with quality when it comes to digital marketing. The quality of your visuals, along with the size and positioning of your visuals, is very important. Posting quality visuals will not only increase your credibility, but also your customers.

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