Consumers want to see more compelling videos and video with the right content is key to drawing in not only more viewers, but more buyers. Creating video content that grabs the attention of your audience while also providing information about your brand can benefit your small business in more ways than one.

A small business marketing plan can’t be successful without the use of videos. Videos that contain interesting content is going to engage more viewers and create more communication. Your audience wants to watch more videos that are full of entertaining, yet informative content.

Around 4 times as many people prefer watching videos over reading information. The right video content will bring more consumers to a new brand. Small business marketing plans should take advantage of using videos, especially since 54 percent of consumers watch videos to learn more about a product.

Not only are videos taking over the Internet, so are digital channels. In fact, digital channels are a new source of current events and news and is actually catching up to television as the top source. Even as of today, over 50 percent of people turn to social media as their main source for news and events.

Small businesses aren’t just using video for marketing, but also for communication. Did you know that by 2018, about 84 percent of marketing communication will be visual? And by 2020, about 80 percent of the web will consist of video. So, it is smart to start incorporating video with the right content into your small business marketing plan now.

In most recent years, the number of businesses using videos has increased. About 63 percent of brands already use video as part of their small business marketing plan. Over 95 percent of them think that using videos has helped their business in some positive way. When it comes to improving sells, 81 percent has seen an increase since using videos and 76 percent of businesses using videos have seen an increase in their website traffic.

With video becoming more popular, that gives more opportunities and chances to use videos in your small business marketing plan. Producing the right video content along with strong communication with your consumers will lead to more exposure and buyers.

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