Believe it or not, the amount of traffic your website sees can make or break your business. But it can be a challenge to find new ways to increase your website traffic. These tips can help quickly drive relevant traffic to your website, which in turn will generate more quality leads.

Top 10 Tips to Increase Website Traffic

  • Long tailed keywords – use lengthy, specific and relevant terms or phrases to attract more visitors.
  • Organize content – use categories to organize the content on your page to help your readers find what they are looking for easily. This is also very beneficial to SEO.
  • Social media – Being active on numerous social media accounts like FacebookTwitter and Instagram can help drive more people to your site. The more posts and shares the better.
  • Build relationships – use social media to interact and build relationships. Make the most out of your connects and it can help lead to more referrals.
  • Tweet influencers – Use Twitter to connect with people who are recognizable and are most likely going to promote your tweets.
  • Blogs – Write blogs frequently and consistently and always include links to previous blogs. This is great for SEO and increases conversion rates.
  • Pay attention to headlines – Make sure your headlines are interesting and clear. You want to attract people to your website and catchy headlines will do this!
  • Blog images – To help get noticed more on social media, especially Pinterest, post the title and URL in any images in your blog.
  • Promote blogs – Use emails and social media to promote blogs. This helps with gaining more leads and sales.
  • Optimization – Browse old blogs and double check that they have a relevant and unique titles tags, meta description and URLS.

Once you’ve mastered the top 10 techniques, download our free e-book for the Top 25 Website ‘must haves’ for driving traffic, leads, and sales and really set yourself apart from the competition!


It can be a lot to take in but remember to focus on strategies that are working! It is very valuable to study analytics and figure out the things that not only need improvement, but that are also working. The goal is to increase website traffic and there are numerous ways to do that.

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