It is just about that time to say goodbye to 2017 and hello to 2018! The new year means new goals for your small business. Keep an eye out on these marketing trends to make sure most of your content in 2018.

  • Expand your team!

Since you want to increase your focus on the quality of your content, then good writers are of course needed on your team. But there are even more roles that need to be filled by talented employees. There are many new formats out there that you need to post your content to, so you many need to expand your team.

Take the following into consideration in the new year.

  1. Video production & editing
  2. Graphic design illustration
  3. Audio editing
  4. Optimizing content across a number of different channels
  5. Distribute & promote content
  6. Campaign management
  7. Advertising

And those are just to name a few…

  • Boost your brand’s advertising!

Millennials are looking for more when it comes to advertising. To catch the attention of millennials, go for a more transparent advertising. Focus on sending a clear message to your audience in your ads.

  • Quality over quantity!

The quality of your content is going to be more important than ever, especially with so much content online. Your small business needs to find a way to stand out from the rest. Try to be more purposeful in your content and connect more with your customers by using diverse and high quality content to nurture customers.

  • Social media!

It is no surprise that social media presence is going to be big for your small business in 2018. You will need to distribute your content across all social media outlets and you might even need to shift your focus on certain sites. Think about utilizing Twitter more and when using Facebook, try out the live video function, Facebook Live, to draw in customers. When it comes to social media and basically all of your content, text isn’t going to cut it in 2018. Start incorporating audio, videos and images to your posts.


Feeling a little overwhelmed getting ready for the new year? Let us handle your small business marketing!

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