We all want our emails to be opened and read. Emails are used to boost engagement and it all starts with a catchy subject line.

Great email subject lines have the following essential elements:

  • Urgency – This compels readers to click on the email and read it if done creatively.
  • Curiosity – Gain the interest of your subscribers for a higher open rate.
  • Offers – Of course, everyone loves a deal, especially when it is free or discounted on new things.
  • Personalization – Cater to your subscriber by personalizing the subject line.
  • Timeliness – Include a trending topic to help establish your brand within the industry.

Want clickable subject lines? Here are some tips:

  • Keep email subject lines short and sweet. Remember, subject lines can get cut off, especially on mobile devices. Since 67 percent of emails are opened on a mobile device, keep your subject line less than 50 characters. This is also beneficial because most people just scan the subject lines of their emails. Also, try to avoid including the word “newsletter” in your subject, as it has an 18.7 percent decrease in open rate.
  • Never make false promises. If you do, this will annoy your audience and will break your subscriber’s trust, leading to higher unsubscribe rate and a lower open rate.
  • Sending your email at the right time with the right subject will make a huge difference in your open rate. For example, alerting customers that their prescription is about to run out and it is time to refill.
  • Always beware of the language you are using in your email subject lines. Avoid being complex and always be concise and clear for people to scan over easily.


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