Creating compelling content is the foundation of a successful marketing plan. There are different ways to help structure your content

 to effectively deliver valuable information to your readers. We are going to explore three different types of content frameworks that can help create compelling content, just make sure to choose the right one for your local business marketing efforts.

  • Infographics

Infographics are a popular and unique way to engage with your readers.

They are also a great way to visually post content that can be easily shared. In fact, infographics are liked and shared on social media platforms three times more than any other content. Keep in mind, even though they are great for your social media presence, but they usually don’t end up ranking very high on Google. Plus, it can be difficult to design a stellar infographic without a graphic designer to help. You want your infographic to stand out against the competition. It can help to include an introduction that summarizes what your infographic contains, and this can help lead to getting more noticed on Google searches.

  • How-To Guides

A how-to guide is used to explain how to use a product or how to perform a task. The content in these guides are more focused and full of reliable and knowledge information based on research. Google loves when content answers questions or solves problems, so provide a valuable information to your readers in a how-to guide can get ranked pretty high on Google since it can effectively be optimized for Google and other search engines. And this can be done without needing to use backlinks! Most of the time, these types of guides will receive consistent organic traffic. However, a lot of time and knowledge goes into creating these guides because there is lots of research that needs to be done to provide valuable and trustworthy content to you readers. For an easier read, clarify the steps and summarize the details of the guide in an introduction.

  • List Posts

Who doesn’t love a good list? Most posts that contain lists start with a short introduction, followed by the list items and ending with a conclusion. It is a good idea to include links to other sites within your posts for further information. Lists are not just easy to read, but they are also easy to write! If these lists are done right, they will be successful and shared a lot on social media sites. Since there are so many list posts out there, it can take some time to rank high on Google, especially if the post is about a popular topic. Remember, a longer, more comprehensive post that is appealing to the eyecan make it on top of their competition.

These content frameworks can be helpful for your local business marketing plan to efficiently produce content that can boost your Google ranking as well as boost your social media presence. Providing consistent and valuable content to your readers will put you ahead of your competition.

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