Facebook is home to around 2 million monthly users and if executed right, Facebook can be an important part of your small business marketing plan. For a successful Facebook business page, you need to create a comprehensive strategy to get noticed. You want to encourage likes, shares, comments, follows and any other interaction that can help your brand stand out. An engaging and interesting Facebook page will help your small business generate leads and gain more customers.

  • 1) Create a Facebook Business Page

Always create a Facebook business page for your business, never create a personal profile to use instead. A personal page requires customers to have to add you, which is making it more difficult to connect. Your small business marketing plan can be complex, so using a Facebook business page will be more efficient. There are a handful of tools that Facebook offers when using a business profile like promotional opportunities and analytical insights. These tools will be helpful when increasing interactions. A Facebook business page is a professional and effective way to represent your small business on Facebook.

  • 2) Use Captivating Cover Photos

Your cover photo takes up most of the space on your page, so you want to use an appealing photo that best represents your brand. Just like all of the photos you use in your small business marketing plan, you want to use a high-quality image that will attract your visitors. Facebook often changes their cover photo dimension guidelines, so make sure to be familiar with the most recent guidelinesso that the photo you are posting look proper.

  • 3) Add a CTA

Facebook first launched their CTA feature in 2014 and the feature has expanded greatly. CTAs like Watch Video, Sig Up Now or Learn More can entice visitors to dig deeper into your brand. You are able to customize the CTAs with specific URL destinations to help align with your small business marketing plan goals. This will drive more traffic to your website and gain more attention to content you are trying to promote.

  • 4) Utilize About Section

The About section on your Facebook business page is one of the most important sections. Visitors need to click on it to read it, but even though it is extra work, it is the first place visitors go. This is where you need to include more information on your business with a general description and mission statement You want to keep this section brief, but descriptive. It is also beneficial to include record milestones, awards, events and date the company was founded.

  • 5) Monitor Comments and Messages

For a successful Facebook business page, your need to consistently engage with visitors. This is done mainly through comments and messages. It is a good idea to always monitor your comments, especially for spam. Posting links, images, videos and using Facebook Live are tools that Facebook offers that can help reach your small business marketing goals. But it isn’t just about posting things, you also need to respond to positive rooms, answer questions and show that you are listening to what your visitors have an interest in.

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