You worked hard to generate that new lead. Now what? Taking action or “nurturing” your lead through the buyer’s journey boosts your odds of turning them into a new customer. This is where marketing automation comes into play. It makes all of those subtle nurturing actions happen, like sending a follow up email with the next great piece of content you’ve created for them. Can you imagine waiting behind a computer for a lead to visit a specific web page so you could send them the perfect message? What if it takes 3 weeks? What if the page is visited every 3 minutes? You see where this is going.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation refers to software that automates repetitive and behavior driven marketing actions. These tasks include email sends, social media interactions and other “digital behavior” based interactions.

To nurture your leads, you need to do it based on unique points of the buyer’s journey, and automate communications based on your lead’s responses and actions. And remember, personalization is key, especially when delighting new and existing customers with useful content.

One of your goals is to develop a trusting relationship with your prospects throughout each stage of the buyer’s journey. By nurturing your leads, it could increase your sales by 50 percent and bring in larger purchases by 47 percent.

Effective lead nurturing leverages content marketing like emails, blogs, infographics, ebooks, and social media posts. Once you’ve created content for your leads, your software can help promote it across many channels for you.

Using a marketing automation system can make or break your efforts to convert those valuable leads into sales while eliminating the stress and work of trying to do it yourself.

Want to learn how marketing automation can benefit your company?

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