There is no point in publishing stellar content if no one is reading it. Most effective marketers take the same approach to their content plan.

First, they always plan their content. Being prepared is important and even though it might take time to come up with your own grove, once you find your own strategy, planning content will be a breeze.

Secondly, marketers know that when it comes to content it is quality over quantity. Your content must be creative! It is a good idea to have a vision for what you what your content to represent.

Next, the creative content needs to be promoted on blogs, newsletters and most importantly, all social media platforms. Promoting content on company websites is important, but so is promoting content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram and more.

Finally, use tools to check analytics to make sure the content is effective. Only 32 percent of bloggers are known for doing this step, but it might be the most important. Never neglect monitoring analytics and more marketers need to start getting in the habit of checking and evaluating the following.

  • Website Traffic

There are many reasons to check and measure your website traffic, but it also says a lot about how effective your content is. You can choose to measure on a yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly or even daily basis and Google Analytics is a free tool that can lend a helping hand.

  • Social Media Followers & Shares

Seeing a rise in your social media followers is always a good sign. There are a number of different tools out there for each social media site to help monitor easily and effectively. Of course, social media shares say a lot about how your content is resonating with your audience. Keeping track of this will help you determine what content your audience likes.

  • Clickthrough Rate

When measuring CTR, make sure to take note of it for seo, social media and email marketing.

  • Feedback

It is always good to listen to your audience. Gathering feedback from what your audience thinks of your content through direct message, blog comments, email and even contact submission forms.

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