It is no surprise that we are very visual creatures. This is why color plays a large role in influencing our behavior, and especially our purchasing decisions. The colors we use in our ads, call to actions and other marketing materials can impact our decision marking.

HubSpot did a small test on this. They changed the color of their CTA to red from green. Making just that one change increased the conversion rate by 21 percent.

Let’s take a look at what some colors in your marketing plan can mean.

  • Red

Companies that use this color: Target & Netflix

Red is a very powerful color that creates urgency along with passion and excitement. It also is a color that increases your appetite. But use the color red with caution, as it is also a color that can represent pain and danger.

  • Orange

Companies that use this color: Harley Davidson & Mastercard

Orange is a color that brings the feelings of warmth and often times represents fun and boosts confidence. But it can also be looked at as a cheap and immature color that brings on frustration. But the color has usually worked well for the right companies.

  • Yellow

Companies that use this color: Best Buy & Hertz

Yellow is a youthful color that represents happiness and positivity along with a creative feeling. But you need to use this color with caution because it can cause anxiety and some shades of yellow can look dirty.

  • Green

Companies that use this color: Whole Foods & Animal Planet

Green is often times associated with health and s linked to power and money. But the color can also be boring to use and can also cause envy.

  • Blue

Companies that use this color: Facebook & American Express

Blue has a calming effect that surpasses your appetite and is full of strength and wisdom along with loyalty and trust. But if the color blue is overused, it can appear to be cold and emotionless.

  • Black

Companies that use this color: Nike & Chanel

Black is a luxurious and elegant color that is great to be used by fashion companies. When it is mixed with bright colors, it shows off energy and sophistication. But be careful with the color black, it can also represent evil and coldness.

  • White & Silver

Companies that use this color: Adidas & Lexus

White and silver are clean colors that are very modern and sleek. But these colors can also be looked at as lazy and plain.


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