Writing introductions can be hard. It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur writer or an experienced writer, it is often the part most writers dread. But I came across a great formula from HubSpot to help get those juices flowing the next time you have writer’s block.

Formula: Attention grabbing fact or story + Addressing a problem + Offering a solution = A compelling introduction!

Every small business marketing plan should contain blog posts. Writing introductions can sometimes be the most difficult part of writing a blog. But keep in mind that introductions should be short, effective and prepare the reader for what the post is about.

The goal of a blog post’s introduction is to draw your readers in to read the post. There are some key components that help get this job done adequately and are important to always include in your small business marketing plan.

  • 1) Grab the attention of your readers!

This can be done in different ways. Try to hook the readers in by resonating with them. You can do this by telling a story, giving an interesting fact or even showing empathy.

  • 2) Address a common problem!

Next, give reasons why your post is important to read. Addressing a problem that many people may have adds value to your writing. Your blog posts need to have a purpose and include beneficial information to your readers. It is essential to define why the blog post is relevant to your readers.

  • 3) Offer a solution!

Finally, explain how the blog post can offer a solution to the problem. People who relate to the problem given will be interested in reading more of the blog by knowing there is a solution. Quickly describe how the post can help solve the problem.

The purpose of the blog post’s introduction is to set the expectations of the post. Some small business marketing plans consist of blog posts that are more casual. There are many different ways you can entice your readers. But make sure to always provide a strong framework that includes what your post is about and why the information is valuable.

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