Millennials make up the largest part of the workforce and one quarter of the population, which means, this is the generation to start engaging. But, since Millennials are much different than previous generations, that can be

a challenge.

With Millennials aging, it is crucial that companies start putting them first. Millennials are looking for their experience to be simple and are always looking for fresh and speedy news. Which is why streaming and social media are so popular. This generation is very tech savvy and are always looking for technology at their fingertips, as long as it serves them a purpose.

In the workplace, Millennials are wanting more snazzy benefits. Think dog friendly offices, free snacks at work, onsite cafes and onsite fitness centers. On top of this, they are looking for flexibility with their schedule, including the option to work from home. Millennials crave attention and mentoring, which is why they value employee recognition and feedback in a social environment.

But healthcare is the more important benefit to Millennials. To obtain and keep talented employees, companies need to start offering more attractive benefits. Remember, happy and healthy employees tend to be more productive. Millennials want efficient and low cost healthcare, leading to onsite health clinics becoming more popular.

Recap – What Millennials are Looking For

– Simple experiences

– Fresh & fast news

– Easy access to technology

– Snazzy benefits in workplace (dog friendly offices, free snacks!)

– Onsite fitness centers & onsite health clinics

– Low cost healthcare


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