It is an email marketing tool that will most likely never go away…newsletters. They can do a lot of good, but they can also do a lot of harm.The point of an email is to communicate effectively with your audience. And that should be the main goal of your newsletter as well.

Most CEO’s push for their company to produce newsletters and often times for the wrong reasons, which is why most newsletters are lucky to see an open-rate of 17 percent. The key to a successful newsletter is to deliver content that is valuable to your audience.

Just like with all of your marketing content, it needs to be good! Remember, quality over quantity is important. You don’t want to flood your audiences’ inbox with newsletters that contain useless content. Thoughtful and relevant information will prevent you audience from clicking that “unsubscribe” button.

It can be easy to become lazy with your newsletter’s content. To avoid your audience from not opening your newsletter, make sure your content has personality. Including information that your audience will care about is crucial, but how you deliver that information is also very important.

A conversational approach to your newsletters usually work well. When your audience feels like they are being talked to directly, it adds a special element that creates a relationship. Being connected with your audience will ensure that they will continue to open and actually read your newsletters.

To start off 2018 right, there are some tips you should consider when sending out your next newsletter.

Don’t be pushy and throw offers at your audience. Your newsletters shouldn’t be focused around deals.
Take a personal approach when writing to your audience. People want newsletters to be directed to them.
If what you are doing works, then keep doing it! No point in trying to fix something that is not broken.
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