Every successful business is good at engagement marketing. They know how to use strategic and resourceful content to engage their audience and create meaningful relationships with new and existing customers. And one of the most effective tools using engagement marketing is blogs.

What makes blogs so effective?

Did you know that over one third of Fortune 100 companies post blogs? That is because companies generate 67% more leads when they post blogs. Engaging and informative blogs are important for growing your business and getting noticed. There is a ton of content out there and blogs can help make your brand stand out, not to mention, boost organic traffic.

Blogs are a source for answers and advice.

Have an issue? Most of us turn to the Internet to find answers or get advice. Blogs are a place to offer this helpful information, especially during the beginning stages of the buyer’s journey.

Google loves fresh content!

When it comes to the Google search engine results placement algorithm, fresh content like blogs on your website helps your website ranking. It is recommended to post 1 to 3 new blogs weekly to stay relevant when Google and other search engines crawl your website. It also helps to post on a wide range of topics, as long as they’re relevant to your brand and website.

Engagement that is inexpensive.

Blogs are actually very inexpensive to manage compared to other advertising and it also gets the job done. Blogs provide high levels of engagement by inviting conversations. Remember, people love blogs that contain creative content, visuals and graphics.


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