If keeping your customers for long periods of time is important to you, you’ve probably heard about engagement marketing. It’s a proven way of connecting with your audience and providing value to your customers after their initial purchase. This keeps them happier and builds a lasting relationship.Not surprisingly, they stay longer and perform more repeat purchases with you. But what makes engagement marketing so effective?

What is engagement marketing?

First, let’s review what exactly engagement marketing is. Engagement marketing is the use of strategic and resourceful content to engage people and create meaningful interactions over time. To do this successfully, you need to know where your customers are hanging out online.

Engagement marketing through all channels

Did you know that 62 percent of millennials use online channels to find content that helps drive them to purchase? And that engagement efforts become on average 3 times more successful when you communicate through multiple channels? That means engaging through content on social media, blogs, chat and emails are all important pieces of a successful engagement strategy.

It’s time to get personal

Your content should also have a touch of personalization. People love it when it feels like you’re talking directly to them as opposed to being part of some larger herd or bulk announcement. Poor engagement marketing is basically sending the same email to all of your customers and addressing them as “Dear Valued Customer”.

It fits their lifesyle

Using multiple digital channels and personalizing your messaging is key. But it’s important not to forget that smart phones are often the device of choice for most people. So you need to make sure your emails and content look great on phones and tablets. Otherwise, that great personalized content you created could unexpectedly look like a mess to your customer. Or, they won’t ever see it because you’re not fitting it in with how they like to read up on news and updates.

Tips for engaging millenials

Consumers love when a company gives back to society. In fact, over half of millennials prefer to buy products or work with companies that support a cause. Showing your support for a cause can help build lasting relationships, nearly guaranteeing customers to return.

Millennial or not, being authentic and showing your authenticity through content is engaging to consumers. Stay within your values, morals and ethics, but never be forceful. You can do this comfortably by using a strong and powerful voice that will attract consumers as you want them to come to you. And don’t try to impress everyone. Stay true and communicate with your ideal customers or modify your messaging for different customers. If this is done right, you content and brand will stand out against the competition.

Engagement marketing help

Need help boosting your engagement marketing? We provide engagement marketing for carriers, TPAs, voluntary benefit providers, and Associations that are proven to increase both acquisition and retention.

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