Copywriting can be stressful. Just take a look at the television series, Mad Men. The pivotal show demonstrates the crazy world of copywriting. Many iconic slogans have come from Man Men, as they brought memorable and catchy taglines to the show to make brands stand out against their competitors. A lot about copywriting can be learned from Mad Men because they present how certain characteristics can separate your outstanding writing from the rest.

  • Start with an impressive lead!

Every piece of writing needs an attention-grabbing lead. The success of your small business marketing plan relies on intriguing people right away. You want to attract your audience with your lead so that they have the desire to continue reading and learn more about your company. This is why the start of any piece needs to be done right to bring in readers that will turn into leads that will become potential clients. There are some different ways you can go about writing the right leads, you could state interesting facts, pose a question or even include numbers. This always seems to want readers to learn more

  • But stay away from unnecessary jargon!

Of course, writers can often time struggle with writing a catchy headline that presents what they are writing about is special. And sometimes writers use hyperboles or jargons to do this. But this really isn’t a good idea. When using these types of words, you are most likely going to “over-sell” your piece. They say that good writing doesn’t need sprucing up. But, don’t be afraid to celebrate any awards or special achievements, just make sure you are highlighting the top points and not over-exaggerating.

  • Get rid of excess words!

Good writing always gets straight to the point. Remember to be direct with your writing by taking out unnecessary phrases or words. Try to reword your piece so that it is more straightforward and not full of “fluff.” This is something that doesn’t always come easy and comes with practice to learn what types of phrases and words should be eliminated. You never want a piece that is cluttered with unnecessary words. If you can use less words without losing any meaning from your piece then go for it! Less is always more!

Words do matter, especially when it comes to branding your business. Writing gives you a chance to use your words to break through to your audience and attract customers. It is a great opportunity to use during your small business marketing plan, so have fun with it!

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