There is nothing like the power of an effective call to action. It is essential to every website to give any user an action to complete and this can be done with the right CTA. A CTA can be used in all digital marketing plans and is an efficient way to instruct a consumer on what to do next.

What is a CTA?

A CTA (call to action) is defined in marketing as a piece of content intended to induce a viewer, reader or listener to perform a specific act usually in the form of an instruction.

The main goal of a CTA in digital marketing is to encourage users to act on something. This helps with drawing focus to your brand, aids in measuring the success of your site and gives consumers directions. If done right, CTAs can be very beneficial when it comes to your small business marketing plan. But there are things to consider and keep in mind when it comes to designing an effective CTA, like the color, size and placement.

First, you need to add value to your CTA. It helps to identify a problem and then provide a service or product as a solution. Including the benefits of acting on a CTA is also helpful. Consumers like to trust, so be up front about your policies and procedures. By doing this, you are creating a trusting relationship from the start. This is why it is important to give the consumer the option to opt out or unsubscribe easily.

When it comes to the look of a CTA, pay attention to the size, placement and color. You want a CTA that is large enough to be noticeable, but not one that takes up the whole page and can be annoying. Placing a CTA high on the page and in the center column draws people in and helps them focus on the CTA. Make sure to use negative space around the CTA so that the consumer doesn’t get distracted. Vibrant colors that stand out also help attract consumers.

Another thing to consider when it comes to designing an effective CTA is the timing. The time to present a CTA in the buyer’s journey is crucial. You don’t want your business to come off as pushy, so don’t display a CTA right away. It depends on the CTA and what your business offers, but it is usually best to use a CTA after giving some detail about what your company can offer to the consumer.

There are many reasons and ways to use a CTA. Consumers want to be directed and have things come easily, so by using a CTA, you are creating a pattern for the consumer that they can follow without having to do too much work. When designed and displayed correctly, a CTA can help your business gain more leads and get more noticed in the digital marketing world.

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