A new year brings new goals and many of us set the intention be more organized. Sometimes we need help, but personal assistants are the thing of the past. Now days we have access to a number of virtual personal assistant apps. Some of them are free, while others cost, but one thing they all have in common is they keep improving.

Google Home

Google’s personal assistant is compatible with Android and iOS devices and costs a little over $100. This is one of the most recommended virtual personal assistants because it is an easy to use voice activated speaker that brings all aspects of Google to your life. The hands free device can do a ton of cool things like conduct searches, keep track of day to day tasks, engage in small talk and set reminders. It may cost, but many have said it is well worth it because you can easily access your Google calendar, maps and more without having to type a thing.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is also a hands free speaker, but costs a little more around $179. It is accessible through WiFi and is compatible with Fire OS, Android and iOS. The device is powered by Alexa, Amazon’s own voice recognition technology and can give you information on just about anything. The voice activated Echo can play music, give you the latest news headlines and also the hottest sports updates. It is also extremely easy to make purchases from Amazon by just talking to the speaker. This is one of the best virtual personal assistants to make your life easier, but doesn’t have as much organization as Google Home offers.

Dragon Mobile Assistant

Dragon’s Android compatible app doesn’t give you as many options as Google and Amazon, but this app is free. The mobile app can switch easily to hands free and can be used to read emails, text messages and other notifications. This assistant comes in handy when you are on the go, but need to get caught up on emails and calls. Dragon mobile assistant will also help you find places nearby that you are looking for. The app is a good start when researching virtual personal assistants.


Cortana is another free virtual personal assistant that is powered by Windows. It is compatible with Android, iOS devices and of course Windows computers. The app is very helpful if you need to organize your digital life. It also will set reminders for you, give you recommendations on music, books and more depending on your interests and can assist you in finding places nearby that you would like. It might not do as much as the others, but it is another great free app to try!

There are a lot of different options when it comes to virtual personal assistants and there will be plenty more options in the future. It just might take some time to research and test which one if the right one for your life. But all of them will help with organizing your life for 2017.

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