Direct mail is not a common form of marketing anymore with digital marketing taking over.

But in the right situations and if done the right way, it could be a beneficial tool to add to your existing marketing plan.

Even though digital marketing is the new norm, it is also becoming overcrowded and a little pushy. In fact, a

ccording to Hubspot, 7.8 percent of people unsubscribe because of receiving too many emails. Want to find another way to stand out? Consider going back to the marketing roots of direct mail.

Direct mail is more of a memorable approach and if you can keep it aligned with your local business marketing plan, then it can help you reach more potential customers. Keep in mind that your marketing efforts lead back to your online presence. You can do this in a number of ways, like back adding a link to your landing page on your mail or even advertising special offers that can be found online.

  • Track campaigns!

You should always be tracking your digital marketing efforts so that you know what is working and what you need to fine tune. This helps with finding what truly resonates with your consumers.

  • Be visual!

In all aspects of marketing, it is important to be visual and use images that are appealing to the eye. Attractive images sparks interest and draws in leads. Try to avoid using large blocks of texts and long sentences. And remember, your visuals need to be relevant!

  • Include a CTA!

call to action is always a good thing to include in your marketing campaigns. But limit to one CTA per piece of mail because this will help limit confusion. This helps directing your leads to the next step, which usually leads them back to your online presence. There are ways to track this as well by using unique codes or numbers with extension so that you know if any business is coming from your mailers.

  • Target the right people!

Not every checks their snail mail. But there are quite a few people out there who perform this marketing method. Make sure to target recipients who are going to be seeing your mail. This is a great way to contact people who may have shown interest in the past, but have been unable to connect with online.


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