It is no secret that video content is taking over the Internet. And because of this, every small business should focus on adding video content to their digital marketing plan. This includes adding more videos to your blogs and social media platforms. But you can’t just post any video, you need to post high-quality video content and that isn’t always an easy task.

Most smartphones come with high-quality cameras that capture great video. But these videos usually require some editing. Editing footage can be a pain using the software that your computer comes with. Windows comes with Windows Movie Maker and Mac’s have iMovie. These are simple video-editing tools that don’t quite offer impressive features. Depending on what you are looking to accomplish with your video and depending on your skills set, there are some terrific free video-editing tools you can use for to enhance your small business marketing plan.

Blender is a free video-editing software that is available on Windows and Macs. Not only does it have video-editing features that includes transitions, speed control, filters and adjustment layers, it also has 32 different slots to add video clips, images, effects and even audio clips to create a more complex video. Blender is also considered a 3D animation studio that lets you model, render and motion track. These professional-quality videos also comes with out watermarks, which is also a bonus.

Another video-editing software that is completely free and available on Windows and Macs is Shotcut. This option is a little bit trickier to navigate since the interface isn’t that user-friendly. But there is a lot of great help sections like the frequently asked questions sections and the how-to guide section that can help you learn how to use Shotcut easily. Once you get the hang of it, Shotcut is a really great free video-editing tool that produces professional-quality videos to add to your small business marketing plan.

Previously called Wondershare Video Editor, the newly named Wondershare Filmora is available on Windows and Macs. There are different options you can choose from depending on your skills. The “easy mode” is perfect for beginners and allows you to drag and drop clips, choose from pre-designed themes and add music, all in a matter of minutes. The “full feature mode” allows for more features like adding transitions, filters, overlays, ability to play clips in revers and split screen affects. The free version does include watermarks, but you can pay for the upgraded version that removes watermarks.

Also, available on Windows and Macs, Avidemux is a basic video-editing tool that is user-friendly and keeps the quality of the video even after editing. There is no audio editing, but Avidemux comes with several filters along with different functions like flipping clips, rotating clips, adding subtitles, adjusting colors and adjusting brightness levels. Avidemux also supports multiple different video formats like AVI, DVD, MP4, MPEG and QuickTime.

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