There are two types of people during the holidays. The ones that finish all of their Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving and the ones that scramble last minute to finish on Christmas Eve.

Add people that are difficult to shop for in the mix and it is full panic mode. Small business owners aren’t always the easiest to buy for, but have no fear, we have the best last minute gift ideas for any small business entrepreneur.

Hatch Notebook
This is a great gift idea for that creative person on your gift list. It is used to plan and has designated spots for outlining ideas, keeping track of challenges, markets, demands and most importantly, goals. The notebook can be found on Amazon for around $25 and will help keep any small business owner organized to help grow their business.

Engraved Pen
To go along with that notebook, every small business entrepreneur needs a special pen. A good pen can make planning even better and why not get them one that has meaning with a personalized pen. You can choose to engrave initials, names, business names or even a motivational quote. has options starting around $19.

Organizer & Tablet Holder
A successful small business owner needs to be organized and sometimes that can be hard. Often times they are stuck carrying around a bunch of stuff including all of their electronics (think cellphones, tablets, laptops. This organizer from Bed, Bath & Beyond for $30 will secure a tablet and has a number of components to keep everything organized.

Luggage Tags
Traveling can be a pain, especially when you have to do it often and have to haul around luggage. Brighten up their trips with personalized luggage tags. These luggage tags will make finding and retrieving their luggage easier. There are many designs and templates to choose from at Shutterfly for only $10.

Waterproof Notebook
This might be one of the coolest gifts. I don’t know about you, but I have ruined many notebooks because I have spilled coffee or water on them. Do you know how much paper and wasted ideas that led to? The waterproof notebook is great to take anywhere to jot down those ideas and keep them dry. You can find it on Amazon for only $8.

Inspirational Business Books
If you really can’t think of anything for that small business owner, check out motivational books! There is a variety of options to choose from including a number of topics. But they all send the same message – inspiration and the good news, prices vary.

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