We have been exploring the many benefits of using Microsoft Excel to keep yoursmall business organized.

Since I have never really been that good at using Microsoft Excel, I have many trying to learn about the many handy functions that makes using it easier than ever.

Let’s start with just a little bit of background for those of you who are not too familiar with using Excel. Excel is known to store information as a value or as a formula.

The value is information that doesn’t change like your name. The formula does change and Is dependent on other values.

Basic Formulas to Know

  • =SUM()

This is used to carry out basic math. You can add the number in selected cells. For example, if you want to add cells A2 with B2, just type “=SUM” in cell B3. Press the control key and click the A2 and B2 cells to highlight and then hit enter. Remember, you can select and highlight as many cells as you would like.

  • =AVERAGE()

This works just like finding the sum, but finds the average of selects cells If you want to find the average between cells A2 and A13, just type in “=AVERAGE(A2:A13)” into the A14 cell. Make sure to highlight the cells you want selected.

  • =MIN()

Just like with finding the average and sum, you can find the smallest number in a range of cells. If you want to find the minimum number between cells B3 and B39, just type in “=MIN(B3:B39)”.


To find the largest number contained in the range of cells, do the same thing you would do with finding the smallest number. For example, if you want to find the maximum number between cells B3 and B39, just type in “=MAX(B3:B39)”.

Often times Excel spreadsheets are usedto keep track of your small business marketing plan. These spreadsheets are viewed and used by multiple people, which can cause some confusion at times. But making a change with formulas is fast and reliable to make it easier and less confusing for all users.


We can help you with your small business marketing plan!

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