It is a question that many ask when it comes to their small business marketing plan. What should you focus on first? Content or links?

Links send readers to your site, but content grows your audience and starts conversations. Both content and links is very important to any site. This is why it is ideal to focus on both great content and a good amount of links. But focusing on both at the same time doesn’t always fit into a small business marketing plan.

We suggest you decided what works best for you and your small business marketing plan based on comparing the advantages of focusing on one or the other.

  • Content First

There are many advantages to focusing on your content first. Depending on the goals you have set for you small business marketing plan, content can help build a long-term strategy.

Any good content is naturally valuable. It gets people coming back for more. You can even think of content as a representation of your site. Creating stellar content will create people to link back to your content many times in the future. This is why amazing content is an invaluable resource that creates a foundation for your small business. The right content can get people talking and sharing. It is reported that 1 in 3 sites are visited because they were recommended by someone else. When people talk about your company, you will get noticed.

  • Links First

Just like focusing on content first, there are many pros to consider when focusing on links first. Links give your content an audience! Creating great content doesn’t do your small business marketing plan any good if it doesn’t have an audience to read it.

If no one sees your content, then all of the work you put into creating great content is pretty much useless. An audience is what brings your content to life and is also a more scalable strategy for SEO.

It is most beneficial to focus on content and links at the same time, but that isn’t always a possibility. Depending on what you want to achieve with your small business marketing plan, there is no right or wrong answer to which you should focus on first, content or links. They both play a big role in any small business marketing plan. It is best to outweigh the pros of each to find the best suitable answer for your small business.

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