Facebook has over one billion users worldwide. It may seem weird to use Facebook for your business, but there are actually a number of benefits when doing so. A successful Facebook page can help your business gain leads and attract more customers. It is also a very helpul tool to use when building your brand.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when it comes to managing your company’s Facebook page, but if done right, it will greatly help drive more traffic to your website.

1) Use relevant photos

People love visuals and the first thing people see when they go to your Facebook page is your profile photo. Always use a recognizable profile photo and also keep your cover photo in mind. You want to be sure to use photos that symbolize your company. This will help your page gain more likes because it will be easy to find. If you are unsure what photo you should use, then default to using your company logo.

2) Have a complete profile

Using Facebook for your business helps you include all of your company’s information in one convenient spot. This is why you have to make sure the about section and contact section is complete. Always include your hours along with a link to your website. You want to make sure the information is as helpful as possible and easily accessibly to customers.

3) Promote content

You want to take advantage of Facebook and all of the people it reaches. Use Facebook wisely and as a platform to endorse content offers like ebooks. Try to coordinate your cover photo with a pinned post to help endorse your offers even more.

4) Monitor Posts

Be smart and strategic when it comes to your Facebook posts. There are many reasons to use Facebook or your business, but one of the biggest is to be able to interact with your consumers. To help your posts reach a large audience, try to post during popular times. These times all depends on the audience you want to reach so do your research to see when is the best time to post. Remember to never post too much, but do post consistently. Facebook posts during the right times will help improve click through rates and also increase interactions like comments and shares.

5) Target a specific audience

When it comes to using Facebook for your business, you want to try to reach as many potential leads as possible. Try to use posts to target a certain audience on Facebook. You can use paid posts and organic posts to reach a certain age group, a certain gender and more. It is best to be as specific as possible when you are trying to post to a target audience.

6) Use visual content

Keep in mind that visual content like photos and videos are essential to a successful social media account, especially when it comes to using Facebook for your business. Posts that include photos or videos generate a lot more interactions than posts that do not. You will see more conversations and shares along with more traffic to your website and other social media pages. (link to traffic to website blog

7) Track interactions

It is important to know how your Facebook page is doing, so remember to track interactions. This will help to give you an idea of what posts are getting the most action. When you track performance and website traffic, you will know what is working and what is not working when it comes to your social media pages. Facebook Insights is helpful, but there are many other tools that help you analyze your page performance. Do your research to see which tools work best for your business.

8) Respond quickly

Facebook can be a great tool to use to help show excellent customer service. Make sure to respond to any comments and messages and do this in a timely manner. People expect and want helpful responses, so you need to always be monitoring interactions.

Want to generate more leads for your business?

Even though there are many great reasons to use Facebook for your business, one of the most beneficial is the increase your business will see in leads. If you want to learn more about this topic and lead generation, download the “Top 30 Best Online Lead Generation Tips, Tricks, and Ideas” ebook for FREE!

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