A before and after with Interiors Remembered

With each passing day our smartphones seem to keep creeping further into our lives. And, we find ourselves using our phones more and more when searching online, sending email, using facebook, and just staying connected with our world.

Because of this, it’s more important than ever for business owners to have a mobile friendlywebsite. But for companies whose website needs an upgrade, it’s often a good time to enhance the overall look, feel, and conversion paths within the site too.

Interiors Remembered, an award winning interior design firm in Scottsdale, Arizona, was a company we worked with to do just that. Rather than build their website on a desktop and convert it to mobile, we bucked tradition and built it for mobile devices first and foremost, and then for desktop computers. This is considered mobile first website design. Since the focus is on mobile, we made sure that every element of the site presented a great user experience, was visually appealing, and helped customers get what they need quickly while on their smart phone or tablet.

Mobile-first Web Design Tip: There are some great tools out there to help with mobile-first web design, but you have to be disciplined in your approach more than anything. Mobile-first takes work. You build and design, and ensure the content looks great on the iphone 5, iphone 6, Samsung Galaxy, Ipad, etc…and then don’t forget to double-check landscape vs. portrait view – every time.


Launching the new mobile-first website

We’re proud to announce the launch of Interiors Remembered’s new website. It was really a perfect example of a company listening to their customers, and responding to their needs. “My clients kept telling me it was hard to see my website on their phone.” Athena, Owner of Interiors Remembered says.

She spearheaded the intiative, and combined with our team, helped design a new website that truly hit the mark in design, user experience, and effectiveness.

Take a peek at the before and after images to see for yourself.


Interiors Remembered, Inc. website on desktop before.Interiors-remembered-website-before



Interiors Remembered, Inc. website on desktop after




Interiors Remembered, Inc. website with and without mobile responsivness.



Where does your website stand? 

If you think your website could be more mobile responsive, or if it’s time to upgrade your company website, we strongly recommend you have it redesigned as a “mobile-first” website. It’s a great way to ensure you new site is built for the long term, have an edge over your competition, and provide your customers with a great experience they enjoy and want to do again.

Need help? Send us a note and we’ll be glad to help with your mobile responsive initiative.

Prefer to do it yourself? Just click here for instructions on accessing Google Developer Tools. It’s a great way to see how your site displays in each of the most widely used mobile devices.



Having a mobile responsive website used to be a nice-to-have, now it’s a must-have. More and more companies are seeing their mobile site visits exceed their visits from desktop users. Therefore, it’s never been more important to have website that is user-friendly on ALL mobile devices. If you want to take it a step further like Interiors Remembered did, you can request the entire design be built for phones first, and desktops second.



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