Blogging and writing articles are essential to the success of your small business marketing plan. Posting powerful content is important and that also includes your writer bio. Many websites have about sections that includes a blurb of the employees and this includes writers. Or sometimes the writer’s bio is at the end of the written publication. Either way, you want to make sure that the bio is interesting and effective.

A writer’s bio shouldn’t be long. Keep the bio short and to the point. Most importantly, keep the reader in mind. Your bio is actually more about what you can do for the reader than it is about you. It has been said that the writer (you) is the object and the reader is the subject. This really helps when it comes to writing your bio. Also keep in mind that you aren’t just writing about yourself, but writing about what you can offer to the reader.

Unless a publication has a specific preference, write your bio in the third person. Try not to over use the pronouns he or she. Instead, replace the pronouns with your name. This will help make your bio flow better. Also, be honest and mention accomplishments that show your credibility. You want to talk about why you are qualified to write about the subject and explain your experiences with the topic. This will help readers trust you. Plus, it is a good way to subtly brand your small business.

By still keeping your bio brief, you can have a little bit of fun by mentioning an interesting fact about yourself that relates to the subject of the content. You want to keep your personal hobbies and interest to a minimum when writing your bio. If done right, showing some personality and briefly talking about your accomplishments will add the value of showing the readers what you can do for them, like offer advice or teach them something new.

A powerful way to end a bio is adding a call to action at the bottom. Direct the reader to other written work or even ways to follow you on social media. Take the time to make your bio count and including a CTA at the end will help you expand your material to the reader.

Your writer’s bio is just as important as the content you are writing. Not only will the bio add a personal touch, but it will also add credibility to your small business marketing plan. You want your readers to trust you and keep coming back, so building a relationship is important and can be done by writing your bio effectively.

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