Millennials are tricky. They are the first generation of the digital era and are very tech savvy. Which could make creating the right content for them challenging, especially with so many options at their fingertips.

With millennials dominating consumers and expected to make up 75 percentof the workforce by 2025, the need to attract and engage them on all devices is greater than ever.

Key content items millennials are looking for:

  • Relevancy

Aim to establish an engaging and sparkling personality through your content to make a personal connection. When millennials feel more emotionally attached, they are more likely to refer and share with friends and family.

  • Educational

About 75 percent of millennials want to be more informed to help them learn and grow. This is where knowledgeable content comes in and is very beneficial.

  • Entertainment

Being fresh stands out. Keep your content brief, but also entertaining! This will lead to more shares and millennials wanting to come back.

  • Responsibility

The majority of millennials, around 83 percent, believe to be involved in social issues. So, they are 50 percent more likely to purchase from a business that gives to a charitable cause. This helps establish a genuine and loyal connection.

  • Personalization

Adding a personal touch always add extra value to your content. And it makes millennials feel special, which is what they are looking for.


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