When it comes to small business marketing, it is important to cater to your audience differently on each social media outlet. This is especially true when it comes to videos.

Once you get the attention of your audience with your small business marketing plan, you don’t want to lose their interest. And these days it is extremely tough to hold the attention of your audience. It is reported that we have a shorter attention span than a goldfish. This leads to many people scrolling past videos and not even finishing the ones they stopped to watch. So, your small business needs to post videos that not only contains compelling content, but also in the ideal time for each social media platform.

  • Instagram – 30 seconds!

Videos that received the most comments on Instagram ran around 26 seconds long. Hubspot reports that the brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text. That is when posting videos on Instagram, it is best to keep them brief since many people scroll fast through their Instagram feed!

  • Twitter – 45 seconds!

The #videooftheday on Twitter might arguably become the most popular videos and most of the videos averaged to be around 45 seconds. We all know Twitter is famous for their 140-character limit, so it is smart to keep your videos on Twitter short as well.

  • Facebook – 1 minute!

Hubspot found that videos that had the most engagement on Facebook were just under 1 minute. Facebook users like to watch snappy videos so they can quickly like it or share it. To avoid people scrolling past your videos on Facebook, keep them entertaining and for about only 60 seconds, anything longer might lose the interest of your audience.

  • YouTube – 2 minutes!

YouTube is a place that it is acceptable to have long videos. But depending on the topic and audience you want to reach, don’t go overboard with length. The most engaged videos are around 2 minutes long. YouTube is often used as a place to find specific content, so that it is why longer videos are watched much more on this social media platform.

There are many social media sites for you to use in your small business marketing plan. And video posts are becoming more popular across the Internet, just pay close attention to the video lengths of each video on the different social media platforms!

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